Create a Character

Step 1 "Select Character Interface"

When you start Soul Order Online Client after selecting your chosen server, you will come to "Select Character" interface.

If this is your new account, then you will encounter a similar interface as shown below.  Follow the instructions and select "OK" to create a new character.

If you already have created a character, and wish to make another one, then click "Create Character" shown on the lower right corner to make another character.


Step 2 "Choose a Class"

Here you may begin to select your class.  There are five classes, Warrior, Mage, Bard, Slayer and Hunter for you to choose.


Step 3 "Customize Character"

Here you may choose a selected hair style and face style to customize your character.  There is also the option of "Random Selection" which lets the system to randomly choose a style of hair and face for you.

If you have chosen a Mage or Hunter as a class, there are two genders made available for you to choose.  The others only have one.

After selecting your character's face and hair, simply name your character.

Now you have your own individual Character!

There is a limit of three characters per account, so register a new account if you would like to try out all the classes.

Select the character you have created and click "Enter Game" to start your exploration of this new and exciting world!  Welcome to Soul Order Online!