In Soul Order Online, there are five classes: Warrior, Bard, Mage, Hunter and Slayer.  Each class has different Inherence branches, and you can learn different Inherences freely.  Characters of same class will be customized to a large degree, due to different Inherence choosing.

There are two Genders for Mage and Hunter, and one gender for the other three classes.  Let's know them more!



During the turbulent era, the Bloody Master was extremely anxious because the wisdom in Dark Land was not enough to resist the counterparts from Glory Land.  Therefore, he followed Nuwa's (an immortal in Glory Land) example and created a swarm of soldiers with the mixture of his blood and the earth of Dark Land.  Shortly after, fury pervaded in Glory Land; sky fell and earth crumbled; lighting flashed and thunder rumbled.  Thus, warriors came into being.

Warriors can be raging berserkers or iron-clad juggernauts, capable of withstanding tremendous attacks while protecting allies from harm.  They are inborn powerful melee attackers with a diverse array of abilities.


Inherence Introduction:

Fury Inherence:
Directly or indirectly promote Warrior's attack ability, especially Flame attack.  Optimize Energy use.  Resist debuffs such like “Dread” and “Transform Effect”, while cast slow down debuffs to enemy.  Become a praiseworthy brave Warrior.

Defense Inherence:
Promote Warrior's defense ability, such as dodge, parry, physical defense, Flame defense and absorption rate.  Optimize Energy use.  Protect your allies by draw enemy's eyes or sacrifice your HP.  Become an excellent tank and a great protector.

You can be an offensive warrior, a tank or a synthesis, according to different Inherence deployment.


Type: Melee Attacker
Main Attribute: Strength
Standard Bars: HP and Energy
Features: Withstand tremendous attacks to protect allies from harm, high attack power and defense ability.
Weakness: Weak in Long-range Attack
Weapons:  Halberd and Axe
Inherence: Fury and Defense
Comments: Excellent solo tank, powerful damage absorber