IIn Soul Order Online, there are five classes: Warrior, Bard, Mage, Hunter and Slayer.  Each class has different Inherence branches, and you can learn different Inherences freely.  Characters of same class will be customized to a large degree, due to different Inherence choosing.

There are two Genders for Mage and Hunter, and one gender for the other three classes.  Let's know them more!



Forward: It is said that the tranquil and peaceful Vanilla Oasis is the homeland of hunters.  They are blessed with the talent of Spirit Speak, which enables them to summon beasts to combat with them, such as Kylin, Divinegon, Phoenix, Genki, Unicorn, Pegasus and Flame-blazing Dragon.  With the aid of well trained beasts, hunters can more easily take their enemies down in the thick of battle.
Hunters possess a primal connection to the beasts, capable of taming and training them to keep as loyal guardians.  Besides, hunters can dual wield weapons in combat, fighting beside their pets in battle.


Inherence Introduction:

Mastery Inherence:
Focus on training a first-rank pet.  Including training its defense, fighting ability and ability against some debuffs.

Shoot Inherence:
Promote Hunter's own attack power.  Increase Hunter's defense against Storm Element, upgrade attack skills and damage power, especially damage power of Shadow Element.

If you want to domesticate a well trained pet, choose Mastery Inherence; shoot Inherence is to promote your personal ability.

Type: Ranged Physical Damage Dealer
Main attribute: Agility
Standard Bars: HP and MP
Features: Tame beasts, pets can be the secondary damage absorber in battle.
Weakness: Low defense
Weapons: Bow and Gun
Inherence: Small Pet Attack and Shoot
Comments: Excellent ranged attacker with pets