In Soul Order Online, there are five classes: Warrior, Bard, Mage, Hunter and Slayer.  Each class has different Inherence branches, and you can learn different Inherences freely.  Characters of same class will be customized to a large degree, due to different Inherence choosing.

There are two Genders for Mage and Hunter, and one gender for the other three classes.  Let's know them more!



Mages always stand in the back of the battlefield and have thorough plan in hand.  It is said that they possess the capability of looking ahead into the future and back into the past.

When comes to the strategic deployment, they are second to none.  Their commitments and mental power successively push them ahead to go down in history.

Mages, celebrated for ranged attacker, are capable of dealing massive damage in a single attack.  They are powerful casters that deal damage from a distance while they are proficient in wielding the elements of fire, frost, and the arcane to destroy or neutralize their foes.


Inherence Introduction:

Flame Inherence:
Mage will totally grasp Flame power and his enemy will suffer from powerful Flame magic.

Frost Inherence:
Be versed in using Frost Element.  Make good use of Frost magic and enemy's fighting rhythm will be controlled in Mage's palm.

You can learn Flame Inherence and become a powerful distant attacker, or learn Frost Inherence to control your enemy in your palms.

Type: Ranged Magic Damage Dealer
Main attribute: Intellect
Standard Bars: HP and MP
Features: Cast massive damage from a distance.
Weakness: Low defense
Weapons: Wheel and Sword
Inherence: Flame and Frost
Comments: Excellent solo attacker, Amazing magic caster