1. Is Soul Order Online free?
    Yes, Soul Order Online is a free-to-play 3D massively multiplayer online role-playing game. It only takes about 10 minutes to download this small game client.

  2. What's the feature of this game?
    There are many distinctive features in this game. Soul System (Souljewel and Soultreasure), Feat system to get dungeon benefit, Damage Statistics to collect damage output data, Battlefield, various in-game activities, well-designed quest types to level up easily and some other systems make this game challengeable and absorbing.

  3. Any restriction in creating character?
    Yes. One account is restricted to create 3 characters at most.

  4. How many classes are there in SO?
    There are 5 classes in SO. They are: Warrior, Mage (Male & Female), Slayer, Bard and Hunter (Male & Female).
    Click http://www.soulorderonline.com/Characters.html to learn more about SO characters.

  5. What's the level cap in this game now?
    The current max level is 70.

  6. For a player without any MMORPG experience, is Soul Order Online a difficult game for them to understand and operate?
    No. SO has easy and convenient operations. The well-designed newbie guide and system setting also provide you with a comfortable gameplay. Quests are not boring and it is easy to level up. Besides, auto-path can help your character move to many destinations. This game also supports W,A,S,D operation to move your character.
    Check http://www.soulorderonline.com/NewbieGuide.html to learn more.

  7. As a newbie, what should I do?
    Upon you enter in the game, you will be directed to several NPCs. They will offer you useful tips and teach you skills. The system guide is also a good channel for you to be familiar the game faster.

  8. Does SO have Dungeon?
    The answer is definitely "Yes". Currently, there are 8 Dungeons in game. Several regular in-game events are also required players to explore the Dungeon to challenge for the extra bonus.

    Welcome to visit http://www.soulorderonline.com/MapDungeon_Dungeon2.html and learn more.

  9. What is Soultreasure ? What's the use of it?
    Soultreasure is a unique feature in SO. It can be equipped on your weapon and help you to attack targets.
    Welcome to visit http://www.soulorderonline.com/SoulSystem_Soultreasure.html to learn more.

  10. How many classes do items have?
    Weapon and defense gear have 5 classes: white<green<blue<purple<orange.

  11. How can I strengthen my equipments?
    The general ways to strengthen your equipments are: identification, enhancement and Souljewels inlay.
    Identification is a way to activate the equipment's attributes and add it to your character.
    Enhancement is a way to add plus rank to the equipment to improve its damage force or defense element.
    Inlay is a way to add plus rank to equipment by inlaying kinds of Souljewels with different attributes.

  12. Does this game have guild?
    Yes. If you have a guild, you will be able to get relevant guild quests. Guild can also have its own territory for members to meet each other and store/withdraw stuffs from the guild warehouse. The higher level of the guild to be, the more prosperity of the guild to enjoy.

  13. What benefits can be got from little pet?
    Pet can be classified into small pet and combat pet. Small pet can help master to increase HP/MP recovery speed and provide extra skills with its growth.
    Combat pet can help master to attack targets. Only Hunter can capture monsters to become his/her combat pet.

  14. How about the skills system?
    In SO, character have to learn and improve the skill from his/her class tutor. Besides, each levelup can bring 1 Inherence for player to add on a certain skill to activate or strengthen this skill.

  15. Which classes have AOE skill?
    Each class can have AOE skill. It depends on the inherence you allocate on the skills.

  16. Are there many in-game events?
    Yes. There are various regular in-game events, weekend events, forum events and GM events in SO.
    Welcome to visit http://www.soulorderonline.com/InGameEvents_calendar1.html to learn more.

  17. If I invite my real friends to join in this game, any bonus can enjoy?
    The answer is "Yes." We have [Recommendation System] in SO. If you succeed in inviting others to play SO, after invitee has credited S-Point successfully, you will get S-Point reward for free!
    SO Recommendation System details: http://www.soulorderonline.com/invite.jsp

  18. What can I do if I failed to install / login game?

    Please try the following methods to solve it:
    1. If your OS is Windows 7, right click SO game client and choose “Run as Administrator”.
    2. If your antivirus software, such as Avast or AVG forbids game to run, please: disable antivirus software for several minutes or temporarily stop antivirus software.  During this period set game in “Exclusions” or “Allowed List”.  And then Install / login game.

    Detailed solutions: http://www.soulorderonline.com/news/2013-07-23-4785.html