SO Feature System - Feat


Feat Introduction:

Feat system is to mark a player's performance of dungeons. Every dungeon's collection progress is the index of dungeon performance.  Player can complete progress bar by collecting special drops from dungeon monsters and Bosses, these items are called Feat Items.


Feat Window:

Choose a dungeon from Pull-down Menu, and feat information of this dungeon will be shown.  There are information about Introduction, Dungeon Image, Monster List, Elite List, Progress of Collection, Reward List and Progress Bar.

Monster List: Click monster icon and its introduction will appear in "Introduction".  If its collection progress reaches 100%, more details will be shown.

Progress of Collection: A certain feat item's collection progress.

Reward List: Yellow colored rewards can be got, red colored rewards can't be got yet and gray colored reward has already been got.  Click yellow colored rewards and then click "Get Rewards" to get it.

Progress Bar: Collection progress of this dungeon.



Feat Reward:
When Collection Progress reaches certain rates, such as 5%, 10%, 20%, etc, player will receive different rewards, maybe gold, items used to forge equipments or some rare items.


Feat Items Monsters:

Endless Sea Valley (level 45 dungeon):
Common monsters, Gigantic Warrior Turtle, Brutal Sea General, Thunder Lantern Fish, Shadow Sword Warrior
Spirit Snake Palace (level 50 dungeon):
Common monsters, Fearless Slave General, Ferocious Serpent Priest, Bloody Serpent Baron, Regeneracy Serpent Sorcerer, Demon Gate Watcher, Invincible Serpent Duchess
Evil Crystal Castle (level 55 dungeon):
Common monsters, Aging Gatekeeper Beast, Revolting Warden Chief, Crimson Reaper Chief, Bloody Butcher Chief, Traitor of Mountain Spirit, Soul-shifted Madam, Soul-reversed Madam, Jailbreak Leader


Feat Tips:
1. Feat Items can be used and sold to NPC, but not be traded.
2. Currently, there is a cap of feat performance.  Both different monsters and different dungeons have different feat performance caps.
3. If a feat performance has reached current cap, feat items can't be used temporarily. 
4. In teamwork, feat items dropt by dungeon common monsters would be shared with every team member, while feat items dropt by Boss would be allotted by Roll.