GM Rules

In order to preserve a fairness and stability game environment, protect players' rights and interests, GMs will take punitive actions to player who breaks game rules; GMs have the right to dispose all the game related issues, including but not limited to the following issues:


About in-game bad behavior:





Player uses coarse words or abuses others in whichever chat channel

Getting temporary muted or account banned (depends on situation)


Player uses ceaseless non-English words in World Channel

Getting temporary muted (depends on situation)


Player floods the screen in World Channel or Normal Channel

Getting temporary muted


Player uses hack tools (such as cheating programs and bots)

Being temporary movement banned, kicked offline or account banned (depends on situation)


Player scams others and causes the loss of item or money

Being warned and confiscated the illegal item or even account banned (depends on situation)


Player pretends GM in the game

Being warned, or account banned (depends on situation)


Player buys illegal money or item, whose price violates the market price apparently

Being warned, asked to pay the difference in price or account banned (depends on situation)


Player puts advertisements on selling Gold and other illegal trade.

Getting account banned permanently


Account related problems:





Player loses account due to external reason

Getting the password via the registered mailbox sent from GM after overall check


Player steals other's account to have benefits or delete other's items on purpose

Being account banned


Player sells or exchanges accounts

All related accounts getting banned


Problems about in-game loss and S-Points:





Losing item as a result of bug or disconnection

Being compensated the lost item after checking by GM


Losing S-Points as a result of bug or disconnection

Being compensated the related items or the equivalent amounts of Gold according to the price for S-Points in current market


Having problems on purchasing S-Points or crediting

Please write email to: Or report to support:



1. GMs can be identified by the prefix of the in-game name [GM]

2. GMs dispose all the in-game issues on the basis of fairness and equity;

3. GMs won't take sides or prejudice any player;

4. GMs won't ask for players' password of game account;

5. GMs won't let out players' account information at will;

6. Moreover, GMs won't ask for players' items and possession or sell items to players.