Step 1   Click "Claim your gift" button to submit your game account

Input your game account and password of Soul Order Online, Verify Code correctly, and then click "Claim your gift".

Step 2   Login game, talk to NPC "Gift Bag Deliver"

Enter game, choose a character, visit NPC "Gift Bag Deliver" in Crystal City, talk to him and click "Exchange Gift". Pay attention that if there are bound item in your reward, this item will be bound to the character who talks to NPC
"Gift Bag Deliver".

Step 3   Visit "Mailbox" to get the gift bag "Sun Beast / Violet Kylin / Blue Tiger / Black Elephant" Parcel


Gift bag content:

 +10 Mount: Sun Beast / Violet Kylin / Blue Tiger / Black Elephant
 Blue Identify Gem:use it to identify a blue equipment to activate one potential attribute.
 Elite Blessing Pill (60m): use it to get extra 80% experience.
 Expansion Bag : use it to expand 1 line with 6 slots in your inventory.

Gift Bag will be sent to in-game mail. Visit "Mailbox" to get it.





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