Calendar Events

There are many Calendar Events for you to choose, some are daily events, while some are weekly events.  Please check in-game "Calendar" for the events schedule and details.


Evildom Exploration Introduction

During this event, the dungeon [Epoch Crack] will be opened.  The mobs in it usually carry good money loots, and if you can wipe out them within the time limit (usually 30 minutes), the big BOSS will come out!  Defeat the big BOSS to finish a dungeon running.  All the mobs and BOSS in this dungeon will provide very high experience.

Saturday, Sunday

4:00~5:30, 9:00~10:30, 14:00~15:30 (Server Time)


1. It is available for players above level 55;
2. Players can solo or team up to enter the dungeon;
3. If your character get killed in this dungeon, you will revive at revival point in the dungeon.


How to take part in this event?
1. When the event starts, players above level 55 would need to go to visit Epoch Master in Crystal City and talk to him;

2. Countdown starts when you (or the first player of a team) enter dungeon.  System will remind you when it is 30 minutes, 20 minutes, 10 minutes and 5 minutes left;

3. If you wipe out all the mobs within the time limit, the big BOSS will come out and at the meanwhile countdown will stop;  If you haven't wiped out all the mobs within the time limit, the big BOSS won't come out;

4. During each event, player can enter this dungeon for 3 times at most.