Calendar Events

There are many Calendar Events for you to choose, some are daily events, while some are weekly events.  Please check in-game "Calendar" for the events schedule and details.


Massacre Introduction

When the event "Massacre" starts, please go to fight with Bosses according to system prompt.  Players have chance to pick up loots "Soul of Mean Spirit", it can be changed for Purple Identify Gem at NPC "Relief Monk" in Crystal City.  You don't need to accept quest when the event starts, but you have to accept quest if you have collected the item "Soul of Mean Spirit". 

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

4:00~5:30, 9:00~10:30, 14:00~15:30 (Sever Time)


1. It’s fit to all players.
2. All the loots can’t be shared in team.


How to take part in this event?
1. Open Calendar to check event schedule;
2. When the event starts, pay attention to system prompt for BOSS birth site;
3. Team up or solo the mobs and BOSS;
4. Collect loots (can't be shared in team);
5. Visit NPC "Relief Monk" in Crystal City to accept quest, hand in quest items to finish quest, and get your reward.