Item Basics

There are various kinds of items in Soul Order Online world.  Some can be equipped, some are expendable and some are quest items which are useful during quests.

√ How to get? 

Monster drops items and money, monsters in dungeon and rare monsters have better drops; System present; NPC purchase; Auction; Stall; Trade, etc.

√ How to use?

Generally, items can be used by right-click its icon.  Right-click an equipment and equip it to equipment column.  Right-click a potion and consume it.  Some items have different use method, for example, Pet food.  You have to drag its icon and click your pet to feed.

√ Use Requirements

Take note of items' equipping requirements. The requirements include: minimum level, class restrictions, and reputation requirements, etc.  If one or more requirements are not met, item's tooltip will show these requirements in red color.

√ Item Quality Colors

White:    Common items;
Green:    Good quality items;
Blue:     Rare items;
Purple:   Splendid items;
Orange:Mystic items.

√ Bound Type

A bound item can be sold to certain NPC or destroyed.  It can't be traded and sold to other players.  Most of the time an alert will pop up to remind you, before an unbound item become a bound one.

Unbound: This item can be equip, unload, trade or give others as present.
Bound after use: This item will be bound to you after it is used or equipped.
Bound after possess: This item will be bound to you after it is picked up or created.

Quest items: If this item's attribution is quest item, it can't be traded.