Endless Sea Valley

"Endless Sea Valley" is located to the northeast of Crystal City, fit for players of level 45 and above.

Long time ago, the entrance of Endless Sea Valley was a secret.  One day, a villager found it accidentally.  Then he entered in the cave and found himself in a huge bottom of the sea with alien creatures flying around.  He left there immediately.  From then on, this cave has witnessed hundreds of fights launched by heroes from all over the world.  But only a few people succeeded to leave there.  It's said that this cave has abundant treasures.


BOSS in "Endless Sea Valley":
Gigantic Warrior Turtle: Since the exposure of Endless Sea Valley, more and more people have come all the way to find the clues of treasures.  So the guardian turtle became rude and is full of rage now.  It has high attack output.

Brutal Sea General's weapon is a trident.  His appearance looks ridiculous because of his seahorse body.  He is able to move in the sea and use AOE.

Thunder Lantern Fish is good at electric shock and AOE by whisking tail.  

Shadow Sword Warrior: The spirit who is guarding the Valley.  After the exposure of Endless Sea Valley, he keeps on trying his best to safeguard there and he is good at sword skills .  Challengers have to pay attention to his sword AOE.

Warrior Turtle

Treasure Box

Thunder Lantern Fish