Spirit Snake Palace

Snake demon is one of the earliest creatures in the world.  They left their home and stayed this cave to avoid the battles.  Now everything goes smoothly, they hope to come back to their home.  However, human beings are the biggest threat to their plan.  So they regard humans as the enemy, defeated humans and occupied the Viper Deep.  For some unknown reasons, many snake leaders are still living in Spirit Snake Palace.   

This place is fit for players of level 50 to explore.

First enter into Spirit Snake Palace

In the heartland of Spirit Snake Palace


BOSS in "Spirit Snake Palace":
Fearless Slave General 's scars show his battle experience and ability.  He has high physical damage, but no special skills.

Ferocious Serpent Priest: He is guarding in the entrance of Spirit Snake Palace.  He will attack in close range, no special skills.

Invincible Serpent Duchess: The leader of snake tribe.  Nuwa hoped her to bring better life to human beings.  However, Invincible Serpent Duchess decided to create a new life here due to people's misdoing.  At first she is in a state of coquettish lady, and when her HP is below a certain amount, she will transfer to a mix of snake and woman. 
Skill 1(In a state of lady): Shadow AOE.
Skill 2 (In a state of snake-woman): Summon followers.
Skill 3 (In a state of snake-woman): Circle AOE.

Bloody Serpent Baron enjoys the reputation of The First Warrior in Snake Tribe.
Skill: Vibrating the floor and high physical AOE attack.

Regeneracy Serpent Sorcerer: One of Nuwa's followers.  He is in charge of arrangements.
Skill 1: Transfer player to an alpaca.  Player can't attack in this state.
Skill 2: When he got dead, he will release several Saliva Wing Snakes.

Demon Gate Watcher: One of the stone left by Nuwa.  It is full of mystic power so Nuwa put it in snake tribe later.
Skill 1: AOE attack.
Skill 2: Call guards for help, guard number depends on Demon Gate Watcher's remnant HP.


Here are some screenshots of fireblot's experiences in Spirit Snake Palace:

Fearless Slave General

Ferocious Serpent Priest


Regeneracy Serpent Sorcerer transferred player to an alpaca.  When this BOSS got dead, three Saliva Wing Snakes were summoned out.


A fight with Demon Gate Watcher.  This stone BOSS could summon guards and he carries good loots.