5 Emotion Temples

5 Emotion Temples:

This serial dungeon is composed of five temples. They have different style and every temple stands for an emotion. They are Shadow Temple (lv60), Curse Temple (lv63), Grief Temple (lv65), Darkness Temple (lv68) and Memory Temple (lv70).

Top View of Five Temples


The five temples made up a big pentagram. You can see there are energies flowing along five directions. These energies respectively connect five altars which are used for maintaining barrier.

Temple Entry

At the end of each temple, there is a Guardian. Players can enter temples by these Guardians.



Players have chance to get Holy Wings Suit of lv70 in this serial dungeon.


How to challenge:

  • This serial dungeon is for group to challenge.  Group is like team, but a group can recruit more members than a team, that is 20 members at most. 
    Players can determine the number of team members according to their own strength and it will not influence the dungeon difficulty and drops.
  • Since to enter the five dungeons require expending one Temple Secret Order each time, players have to get the Temple Secret Order by performing quest or directly buy it from NPC before they enter the five temples.


Final BOSS in 5 Temples:

Shadow temple

Night-sky dragon eagle


Curse temple


Carnage warrior

Grief temple

Cold ice queen

Darkness temple

Ghost eye duero

Memory temple

Fire lamb fiend