Treasure Dungeons

* Background

It's said that Nine Heavens Phoenix found the world exists a unique ancient treasure; however the Treasure Map had become fragments and scattered around the world. In order to get the only treasure, Nine Heavens Phoenix decided to use its own treasures to exchange for Treasure Map fragments.  It set up an arena and players who defeat it can get its treasures; but remember, player has to hand in a piece of Treasure Map Fragment as entrance ticket of the arena.

Don't you want to own the treasures?  Actually Nine Heavens Phoenix is easy to defeat!


* Treasures Offered by Nine Heavens Phoenix


Treasure Dungeon (lvl 50 and above)

Drops Icon
Parts of Purple quality Suit (level 50-60) Warrior Mage Bard Slayer Hunter
Jade Beast
Enhancement Stones   
Identify Gems   
Luck Stone


* Treasure Dungeon drops corresponding equipments for every class.
* All equipments are unbound.

*Function of Drops:

Enhancement Stones: Original (Glowing / Brilliant) Storm (Earth) Stones.  Use them in enhancement.  They can enhance weapon / defense gear with the help of Blacksmith.
Epoch Pill: Use it to gain experience.
Identify Gems: Purple (Orange) Identify Gem.  Use them to activate one potential attribute of a purple (orange) quality item.
Luck Stone: Use it to increase 10% success rate in enhancement.


* How to get treasures?

1、Visit your tutor

Enter the Treasure Dungeon by respective class tutor in Crystal City.

2、Enter the dungeon

Hand in a Treasure Map Fragment every time to enter the Treasure Dungeon.  You can get Treasure Map Fragment from In-game Shop and Vast Sky City War.


* Treasure Map Fragments


Item Name


Treasure Map Fragment

Use one it to enter in Treasure Dungeon (For player of level 50 and above)


3、Defeat BOSS to loot treasures

Players can get treasures by defeat the Nine Heavens Phoenix in the Treasure Dungeons. Even though the Nine Heavens Phoenix is well cultivated, it's still weak and easy to defeat