How to use Apprentice

How to take someone as your master?

If you are a newbie, and don't know much about playing skills. Apprenticeship will help you to find a master, and he/she may teach you some leveling up strategies. Let's learn how to find a master, and become his/her apprentice.

Apprentice's level should between level 5 to level 20.
Master's level should be level 30 or above.

Here are three methods to "Apply Master".

Method A:

1. Left click a player, and you will see his/her avatar is shown on game interface.
2. Right click player's avatar, and choose "Apply Master" in the operation menu.

Method B:

1. Right click a player's name in chat box.
2. Choose "Apply Master" in the operation menu.

Method C:

1. If you want to apply Master with a player who is already in your Friend List, click "Community" or press shortcut "F" to open Friend List.
2. Left click to choose a player, right click to open operation menu, and choose "Apply Master".

After you "Apply Master", your Master-to-be will receive a hint saying that you are applying for master. If he/she agrees, he/she will click "Ok". Then you will receive a hint: "You are in the list to be the apprentice of your Master-to-be. Please wait for a further confirm." You can see your master and his/her other apprentices' information in "Apprenticeship Info". This icon is beside mini map.

But at this point your name is red, and your "Current Status" is "Applying".

Your Master has to click "Approve" in his/her "Apprentice Info" interface.

After his/her approve, you will become a formal apprentice.

Apprenticeship system is not only helpful for newbie, but also bring bonus to masters.