Shop introduction


"Shop" button is at the bottom of Mini Map area which located on the up right corner of game interface.  Left click shop button to open shop window.  You have to use S-Points (consumable points in SO world) to buy items listed in shop window.

What is S-Points and how to buy it?


What sells in shop?
There are 7 catalogs in shop window: Promotion, Record, Stone, Mount, Pet, Medicine and Others.  Click here to check Shop Item List.

Promotion column is used to show weekend sales discount items.

You can see goods you once bought in Record column.

Stone column shows stones or gems which are related to enhancement, inlay, identification etc.  These stones could help to increase your weapons and equipments' power.

Mount column shows kinds of mounts which can increase your move speed and three kinds of horseshoes which can forge a higher speed and cooler mount.

Pet column shows different styles of pets, pet related items and useful pet skill scrolls.  You can train a smarter pet with pet skill scrolls.

Medicine column contains pills that can improve your attributes such as HP, MP, Defense points, etc.  They are very useful in battle.  There are also magic potion lists in this window.

Other useful items can be found in "Others" column.  For instance, Meteorite Card which offers profit, Expansion Bag to expend item space, City return scroll, etc.

How to buy item?

* Check item description and choose an item

* Click "Buy" and input item number

* Confirm to buy by click "OK"

1. Check item description and choose an item

Item name and price are shown in shop window.  Move your mouse over an item icon, you will see item description. 
If you left-click items like mounts and pets, their 3D model will appear in the left blank of shop window.  You can see their 360 degree appearances by left turn and right turn button.

2. Click "Buy" and input item number

Click the "Buy" button, a purchase window will appear.  You can input the item amount you want to buy.

3. Confirm to buy by click "OK"

Click "OK" to confirm.  You'd better keep enough space in item bag for new items.
After buying, the remaining sum of S-Points and expense record (History) will be shown as well.  You can check items you once bought in "Record" column.

How to get S-Points? 
Buy it at Purchase page and then Credit it to in-game account.

Some SO community event may also offer S-Points as rewards.