Soultreasure I

Soultreasure can increase character's attributes and assist player to attack mobs.  When a player equips a Soultreasure, it will attach to this player and accompany him/her.

Attack Soultreasure and Defense Soultreasure.
Attack Soultreasure mainly increase player's attack attributes;
Defense Soultreasure mainly increase player's defense attributes.

Soultreasure Leveling up:
1. The more you use Soultreasure, more experience it will get.
2. Soultreasure's level cap is restricted to nurture weapon's level.  For instance, if you use a level 50 weapon to nurture a Soultreasure, this Soultreasure's level cap will be level 50.

hy Name
Fire Soul
Thunder Soul
Dragon Soul
Shadow Soul


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