How to use Support


What problems can I solve here?

If you have any in-game issues like losing items from auction house, losing points, being hacked or scammed etc, support is always the ONLY channel to turn to. Keep in mind that posting threads on forums doesn't help to solve the issues.


How to report a case?

Log into first and you will be directed to your page. Go to My Cases page and choose Create New Case at to create a new case. Flow chart listed below for reference.


How to check my case status?

Go to My Page > My Cases > Check Certain Case

After delivering, your case will bear the Pending tag.
If GM read the case, the status will be changed to GM-updated. And you can offer more information by following up the case.
If the case is settled down by GMs or cancelled on your own, the status will be Closed. No one can follow up a Closed case.


How to follow up case for extra information or close a case?

Go to My Page > My Cases > Check Certain Case (3rd step in the last image)

To follow up: Write useful information in The Case page

GMs will read what you followed up and reply to you later.


To close the case: click Closed to cancel

Usually, your case will be closed by GMs after all issues are settled down.


Some important tips to learn about support
  • Each Mira Account can create at most 3 cases every day.
  • To provide extra information on case, check certain case details on My Cases.
  • DO NOT reply to system sent NOTICE: GM has replied to your caseprivate message, it's designed to remind you checking your own case.
  • Try to explain your problems in simple and clear English and provide screenshots if proof is needed.
  • Please check your case details regularly for the latest solving condition. It takes some time to settle down cases for our GMs. Don't spam on same issue with different cases.
  • Some points-related issues will be solved after next maintenance. Please be patient for retrieval by that time.