• PVP Championship


    PVP championship is the contest of strength and a stage for elites. This popular 3vs.3 contest will be held through all the other servers during the last three months in 2013.



    TPs / CPs, http://www.talismanonline.com/images/shop/tpShop/inlay/1.jpg Refinery Charm (Mystic), http://www.talismanonline.com/images/shop/tpShop/inlay/2.jpg Refinery Charm (Super), Darkness Dragon Box (Ruby) and special mount -  Dreamy Cloud (bound, +0) for champion team.


    Time: Every Sunday during Oct.1 ~ Dec.1

  • New Patch Releases


    A new patch will bring us anniversary quests and other adjustments. New contents will be unveiled soon. Stay with us!


    Time: Oct.22

  • Call Together Old Partners


    Still remember the good time with old partners in game? Call them back to Talisman Online and you will enjoy rich reward! More friends return to game, more rewards for you!


    Time: Oct.22 ~ Dec.31

  • New Server, New Challenge


    New server will hit in the season of TO anniversary! New server brings new challenges and various kinds of events!


    Time: Oct.29

  • Special Sales Event on Halloween


    Big sales event will kick off through all servers. What's more, special mount - Pumpkin Floater will newly arrival in shop during Halloween and will have a limited-time sale. Its shape and price will surprise you a lot!


    Time: Oct.29 ~ Nov.4

  • Daily Lucky Draw


    No matter you believe or not, TO will offer every player (level 15 or above) "free lunches" for a whole week!


    To celebrate the sixth anniversary, a daily lucky draw event will kick off! All the reward worth more than one million TPs!


    Time: Oct.29 ~ Nov.5

  • Weekend 300% Drops (48hrs)


    On every weekend during anniversary month, let's enjoy 48-hour Golden, Blue, Green quality items and Energy rate increase by 300%!


    Date & Time:

    Every weekend during Oct.25 ~ Nov.17 20:00, Fri ~ 20:00, Sun (Server Time / GMT-8 / PST)