Weekend Sales Discount (Apr.13-Apr.16)

Dear players,
For your infromation, Sales Discount on this weekend will start soon!  Duration: 20:00, Apr. 12 ~ 20:00, Apr. 15, PST (equal to 4:00, Apr. 13 ~ 4:00, Apr. 16, GMT).
6 items are at a discount of 9%~50%! Let's check out the details:
 Sun Beast: a 9% discount.
Summon it to ride and move 40% faster. You can enhance it with the help of Blacksmith. Each upgrade can create 10% speedup.
 Pet Skill Scroll (Pickup): a 15% discount.
Use: teaches your small pet to pick up the item and money around.
 Stand-in Baby: a 40% discount.
Use: Once you die, it will teleport you to the nearby revival spot without any punishment.
 Meteorite Card (3 days): a 38% discount.
Meteorite Card member can enjoy the follow benefits:
Summon your small pet to let him pick items for you. Extra 5% physical attack, extra 5% skill attack, 5% physical defense, extra 5% healing effect, extra 5% experience bonus, extra 5% soul bonus and extra 5% luck bonus in looting. It lasts 3 days. 

 Purple Identify Gem: a 20% discount.

Use it to identify a purple weapon or equipment to activate one potential attribute.

 Crystal City Return Scroll*10: a 50% discount.

Use: Teleport you to Crystal City.

Enjoy weekend discount and choose your favorite goods!
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