[Event] Super Blacksmith

Dear Players,
SO new patch has been released. In order to thank players’ support all the time, we prepared many exciting events for players. Now, let’s check the first one.
  • Event Content
Players can win Soulessence of Dragon / Soulessence of Thunder by showing an equipment (any level) with +10 enhancement.
  • Event Time
Once the Update Maintenance is over, the event will start. When all prizes are given out, the event is over.
  • Event Prizes

Winning Number
Soulessence of Dragon*1
Defense Gear
Soulessence of Thunder*1
Soulessence of Dragon*1

  •  Event Rules
1.     Equipment show will be classified into 3 kinds: Weapon, Defense Gear, Mount. Each kind has 3 winners.  
       * The top three players who replied the thread according to event rules will be the winner. 
2.     There will be a special event thread on SO Forum. To join the event, players need to reply this thread by uploading the screen shot of [Rumor] and [Weapon/Defense Gear/Mount] which can show the equipment has been successfully enhanced +10. For each category, the first 3 participants whose screenshots fit winner requirement will win. 
        Free mounts given away by register event which have 7-day valid time are invalid in this event.
      Special Event Thread:http://www.miragame.com/viewthread.jsp?id=10702
3.     Players need to offer their Character Name when they reply the thread. What's more, in order to facilitate GMs to check the facticity of the reply, after replied the thread successfully, players need to keep the +10 equipment in character or Item Box at least 48 hours.
4.     Players succeed in Weapon/Mount +10 enhancement will get a Soulessence of Dragon as prize; while players succeed in Defense Gear +10 enhancement will get a Soulessence of Thunder as prize. All prizes are unbound.
5.     Same Weapon/Defense Gear/Mount with one ID can only join the event one time.  Glory Land players and Dark Land players will share these 9 prizes together.
6.     If the +10 enhanced equipment is confirmed by GMs, the prize will be sent to the player within 48 hours. 
Both Soulessence of Dragon and Soulessence of Thunder have powerful strength which could
became your right-hand man. Don’t you want to get it? Hurry up to join the event!


SO Operation Team




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