[Event] Holy Wings Suit Discoverer

Dear players,
Many of you may have heard of legendary suits – Holy Wings Suits. Now these suits have been released with new version 3.0.1. A series of collection event will be held centring on them. Here is the first one – Holy Wings Suit Discoverer.
Collect parts of Holy Wings Suit to win Purple Identify Gem!
It starts on Aug 8, ends when all the winners come out.
1.     There are 5 sets of Holy Wings Suits respectively for 5 classes, and each suit has 8 parts. 40 winners will come out in this event.  Glory Land players and Dark Land players will share these 40 winner quotas.
2.     A special thread will be posted on SO forum, and participant follows this thread to upload screenshots of suit parts (any class, purple quality or orange quality). The first participant who uploads required screenshot will win reward.
Participant has to offer the following info:
a.     Screenshot of Holy Wings Suit part
b.     Your realm
c.     Your character name
3.     Both of Glory Land and Dark Land players can take part in. GM will verify your information, so please keep on wearing this suit part (or keep it in your item bag) for 48 hours, since you upload screenshot.
The first one who uploads the screenshot of a certain kind of suit part will win Purple Identify Gem.
Purple Identify Gem
One player can win repeatedly if he is always the first to offer different suit parts.

Enjoy it!


SO Operation Team




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