[Event] The First Brave Group

Dear players,
With the release of 5 new dungeons, brave heroes are called to challenge the dungeon and final BOSS! The first brave group / team to kill 5 final BOSS in 5 new dungeons will win Advanced / Super Refinery Stone!

      * Duration

It begins at Aug. 8 - after server update maintenance, and ends when all the winners come out.

      * Rules

1.     This event is divided to 5 parts based on 5 different dungeons:
a.     Conquer Night-sky dragon eagle in dungeon Shadow temple
b.    Conquer Carnage warrior in dungeon Curse temple
c.     Conquer Cold ice queen in dungeon Grief temple
d.    Conquer Ghost eye duero in dungeon Darkness temple
e.     Conquer Fire lamb fiend in dungeon Memory temple
2. A special thread will be posted on SO forum. Participants follow this thread and upload the following screenshots and information:
a. Screenshot: [Rumor] of successful killing the BOSS;
b. Screenshot: [BOSS Drop] and [Group Interface] which includes all the group members.
c. Info: Realm - Glory or Dark Land
d. Info: Group Name List – this name list is the same as Group interface screenshot.
The group / team who first uploads screenshots fit the requirements will be the winner!
GM will verify participants’ information and announce winners as soon as possible.
3.   Each of Glory Land and Dark Land will have 5 groups to win the rewards. 10 winners in total.
4.   Group / team who conquer the BOSS in Shadow temple, Curse temple, Grief temple and Darkness temple will win Advanced Refinery Stone – each member will be rewarded one. 
Group / team who conquer the BOSS in Memory temple will win Super Refinery Stone – each member will be rewarded one.

      * Reward

BOSS to conquer
Reward for every group member
Night-sky dragon eagle
Shadow temple
 Advanced Refinery Stone
Carnage warrior
Curse temple
Advanced Refinery Stone
Cold ice queen
Grief temple
Advanced Refinery Stone
Ghost eye duero
Darkness temple
Advanced Refinery Stone
Fire lamb fiend
Memory temple
Super Refinery Stone
Heroes, take up your weapons and go to fight! 
SO Operation Team


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