[Event] The 1st City War Winner

Dear players,
With the release of new version, a new event – Vast Sky City War will be held every weekend. On this weekend, the first round of City War will kick off between guilds!
In first round, the guild who captures the Vast Sky City and becomes City Master will get extra rewards!
Guilds above level 2 and have established the "Guild Wars" construction
Register Time:
8:00 Fri. - 8:00 Sat. (Server Time) | 16:00 Fri. - 16:00 Sat. (GMT)
Event Time:
9:00 -11:00, Sun. (Sever Time) | 17:00-19:00, Sun. (GMT)
It starts on this weekend, and ends when the 1st City War winner comes out.
Winner guild will get 15 pieces of Heaven Souljewels (level 8) with fixed attributes, including:
Heaven Souljewel (Intellect) *5
Heaven Souljewel (Strength) *5
Heaven Souljewel (Agility) *5
Item Name
Heaven Souljewel
(level 8)
+163 Intellect  
Heaven Souljewel
(level 8)
+163 Strength  
Heaven Souljewel
(level 8)
+163 Agility  
1.     Eligible guilds can register to join the Vast Sky City War during below time:
 Register Time: 8:00 Fri. - 8:00 Sat. (Server Time) | 16:00 Fri. - 16:00 Sat. (GMT)
 Eligible guilds: Guilds above level 2 and has established the "Guild Wars" construction
2. Event starts on 9:00, Sun. (Server Time) and it lasts 2 hours
Registered guild can choose to be the Attacker to defeat defender NPCs and control the Seal Stone. When the event comes to an end, the guild which controls the Seal Stone will be the winner and the guild master will become the 1st Vast Sky City Master.
3. The 1st City War winner will get extra rewards as event prize. Rewards will be sent to the winning guild master by GM.
Welcome to join!
SO Operation Team

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