What's the S-Points?

S-Points is consumable points in the game.  Players can consume S-Points in in-game shop to buy items.  The amount of S-Points you owned will be shown on in-game shop interface.


How to get S-Points?

Please only purchase S-Points Code on game official website: www.soulorderonline.com
Choose one payment method: by Paypal or Western Union

Click the PayPal [Buy Now] button as showing below to go to Paypal site to make the payment. When you finish the payment, you will be returned our site automatically. The S-Points Code and password will be shown on a web page.

Western Union:
Click the [Steps] button to view the detail intro. We will email the S-Points Code and password when you payment is complete.

Then use the Code to credit S-Points to your game account on game official website.

When you succeed in credit, the S-Points will be added to your game account automatically. You can check your S-Points amount on in-game Shop interface.

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Purchase S-Points Code:

 Purchase S-Points Code by Credit Card or Paysafecard: Instant!

Purchase Method

S-Points Amount

Price (USD)

Pay by
"Credit Card"

180 USD5.99
400 USD12.99
950 USD29.99
2200 USD67.99
Skrill (Moneybookers) is the secure way to pay globally without revealing your financial detail. With just your email address, you can send and spend with over 100 payment options, including all major credit and debit cards, in 200 countries.

Pay by Credit Card or Paysafecard has no purchase limitation, such as purchase amount and time limitation.

 Purchase S-Points Code by Paypal: Instant!

Purchase Method

S-Points Amount

Price (USD)

Pay by "PayPal"

180 S-Points


400 S-Points


950 S-Points


2200 S-Points


Paypal Purchase Limit (for security reason):
  • Maximum purchase limit: you could buy maximum USD200 within 1 day, and maximum USD1000 within 10 days.
  • Players who buy through Paypal for the first time can't buy again within 48 hours

 Purchase S-Points Code by Western Union

Purchase Method

S-Points Amount

Price (USD)

Pay by "Western Union"

4000 S-Points


10000 S-Points


 Purchase S-Points Code Through Resellers
Reseller Country/Region
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S-Points Code Sample:



For All Buyers:
You can credit S-Points to your game account by using S-Points Code, only if your account has a character reaching level 20 or higher!

For New PayPal Buyers:
If this is the first time you make purchase by PayPal, you will see the Code on our website page directly.
But for the security reason, in the following 48 hours, the system will not issue the Code to you automatically. So if you need more S-Points, please buy after 48 hours from your first purchase.

For Every PayPal Buyer:
we set a maximum purchase limit.  The rule is: you could buy maximum USD200 in 1 day, and maximum USD1000 in every 10 days.

Players who can't use Paypal or Western Union, please wait for new purchase method releasing.  It will be released in near future.

If you have any problem on S-Points purchase and credit, please contact us: SoulOrderPoints@gmail.com


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